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 Senko's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Senko's Jutsu   Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:46 am

darkness clones-clones made of darkness
fire shards- a fire ball turned into millions of shards that fire fast
flame armor- senko covers himself in fire that burns anything that touches him
flame explosion- after the opening the 3rd chakra gate senkp will make an explosion of fire
bones of hell- senko summons bones from underground that explode on contact
deadly hell sphere- senko charges a giant ball of black fire and smashes it down on an enemy
giant fire ball- senko breathes deeply and blows out a fireball that can burn almost anything it touches
Death ray - senko focuses chakra into his hands and shoots two waves of concentrated fire out of them (kinda like the rasengan cannon but in my hands)
phensen 1000 phoenixes- senko's fire version of the chidori
chidorgan- a red ball of fire that has black lightning inside it
flame barrier- fire makes a shield around senko or one of his friends
flame prison-fire surrounds enemies either burning them alive or to seal them up
card justus- senko uses the byaringans jutsu to summon a creature from a card he has
flame tornado-senko spins and makes a giant tornado of fire
flame dragon- senko charges his chakra into his hand and makes a long flame in the shape of a dragon
swirling flame- senko grabs the enemy and spins in a swirl of fire crashing the enemy into the ground
Deep forest emergence explosion- senko summons trees around the enemy and traps him inside a huge tree and then makes it explode in a sea of flames
ocean of fire- senko summons fire from the earths core and makes a huge tital wave out of it
infinate darkness jutsu-senko surrounds the enemy in darkness making the enemy unable to see him while he attacks
mad dance of infinity-senko opens the 6th chakra gate and hits the opponent 1000 times in only a matter of seconds
byaringan hypnosis- by looking in the eyes of his enemy senko can make the enemy see what he wants him to see
flame lotas- opening the 4th chakra gate senko pinballs the enemy into the air and smashes him into the ground following down on the enemy with a phensen that explodes on impact
Bakari Maha- senkos ultimate jutsu this jutsu is a double edge sword that has no real side effect its always different

drawbacks: these jutsu need alot of concentration and if used unwisely can just about kill him

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PostSubject: Re: Senko's Jutsu   Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:50 am

describe your jutsus like what they do and the sort.
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Senko's Jutsu
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