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 Rachel's Jutsu

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PostSubject: Rachel's Jutsu   Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:15 am

Fire Stampede-Ninjutsu- Able to summon a stampede of full fire bodied horses and attack a range of enemies or one target. The higher the ninja rank the longer the RANGE of the attack.

Fire Stallion Barrage-Taijutsu-(While my feet and hands are engulfed in flames) The attack starts with me getting underneath the target's chin and using my hands to push up and hind kick the target under the chin(Like a horse bucking) then while target is in mid-air I give them a round house kick sending them sideways, an elbow to the back of the head, sending them down, and finishing with an uppercut to the same spot of the chin sending them back up and eventually falling to the ground.

Fire Cry-Ninjutsu-Clouds of fire start to cover the sky and fireball's rain from the heavens on the enemy(enemies).

Lucifer's Gate-Genjutsu-If able, the user can trap target in a body size cube. Though on the outside you only see the cube, on the inside the enemy is being tortured by Lucifer's spawns at Hell's gate ripping into your flesh with their claws burning you and making you think your skin is boiling. (This jutsu is a high level jutsu. Requires a ton of chakra to maintain.) Drawbacks-While using this jutsu the user recieves damage to their chakra network, the vital spots explode if used too long, if not a S Jounin or higher.

X-Strike-Ninjutsu-Throwing streams of fire into an X shape at the target.

Fire Blossom-Ninjutsu/ genjutsu -The battle field is engulfed in flame giving only the user an advantage by increasing their jutsu tenfold. (Drawbacks- The user is only able to perform Fire based jutsu and nothing else. The enemy is still able to perform all their jutsu.)

Fire Disc-Ninjutsu- A saw shaped disc that can tear through any terrain and any enemy.

Hoof Manipulation-(Ninjutsu) Makes your fists and feet into the density of a stallion horse's making your kicks and punches feel like titanium metal. (Drawbacks- If the hands or feet are broken during this jutsu, the whole arm or leg is broken after it wears off.)

Fire Whip-Able to make a whip of fire straight from chakra.

I also know some jutsu that Dom knows(non sword jutsu). He was my teacher.

Braydon knows all his non-bloodline jutsu on his list.

Chidori Current
Wind Shard
Lightning Shard
Water/Ice Shard
Earth Armor
Earth Shield

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PostSubject: Re: Rachel's Jutsu   Mon Nov 10, 2008 11:17 am


My Jutsu's

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Rachel's Jutsu
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