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 Kagami, Hanzou's Zanpakuto

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Kagami, Hanzou's Zanpakuto Empty
PostSubject: Kagami, Hanzou's Zanpakuto   Kagami, Hanzou's Zanpakuto I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 03, 2009 8:12 am


Manifestation: A pirate-esque sword with a black hilt and an emerald green tassle on the end for swinging and tossing

Command: Purge! Magunechikkuu-hime!
Family:Electromagnetic energy (so lightning i guess..)

Level: Shikai

Blade Description:Magunechikkuu-hime- Magnetic princess, the spirit of his sword is a rather soothing lady, trying to calm Hanzou's violent nature and make him more open to people. In it's shikai, it gathers the electromagnetic waves surrounding Hanzou and turnes them into fibers that weave into ribbons the can be manipulated as he pleases.

Owner: Kagami, Hanzou

Techniques: -Can wrap/strangle an opponent
-Can sharpen our assume a drill like appearance and rip opponents apart
-Can charge with static energy and electrocute and enemey
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Kagami, Hanzou's Zanpakuto
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