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 All of my jutsus - not finished

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PostSubject: All of my jutsus - not finished   Wed Mar 04, 2009 5:11 am

Rasengan: User creates a ball of chakra in their hands and maintains a constant circulation of it. Then the user dashes forward and strikes the ball right into the opponent's stomach causing them to bleed and have a wound in the shape of a swirl. It also blows them back a few feet. This move is best used strategically if there is an object in the background for the opponent to hit into when they are blown back.

Harem Jutsu: User creates a sexier male or female version of themselves. Only clouds cover the intimate body parts. This jutsu was originally used on the Pervy Sage by Naruto, but it is now used by Keiko. She likes to tease her friends with this jutsu and just have fun with it. She creates a male version.. most of the time.. but sometimes makes herself naked with only clouds as a female.

Uzumaki Barrage: She has studied of an ancient technique used by the old Hokage himself, Naruto Uzumaki. It's a basic taijutsu attack of picks and some punches. The user creates clones and kicks the opponent into the air as the real one of you comes down with a brutal kick to the head of the opponent, sending them face first straight into the ground.

Shadow Clone Jutsu: User uses their chakra to form full clones of substance which can be used to attack and or distract others from their original thoughts. This is a tricky jutsu.. you have to be extremely agile to tell which one is the real user. They are made of substance so they can hold things, like kunai and senbon.

Clone Jutsu: This is like the Shadow Clone Jutsu but the clone are just there as a deploy. They cannot hold items, they can move and distract but not much more than that. A simple chakra attack.. is what is ideal with this strategy.

Summonings: Toad: Originally taught by Jiraiya and the 4th Hokage, and used by Naruto. She is able to summon toads after making a pact with the head toad himself, Gammabunta. She understands how to summon and can easily.. but it took some tries at first in order to get it just right.
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All of my jutsus - not finished
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