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 Clan Template

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PostSubject: Clan Template   Clan Template I_icon_minitimeThu Jan 01, 2009 5:00 am

yeah i know a little too old to make the template but i never had time to make one so here i go

Each clan can only have one type of clan (Doujutsu-eye clan) and Bankut(uses the body as a weapon) (you must decribe which it is)


Bloodling History:

Leader of Clan:

Type of clan:

Weapons of the Clan:

Jutsu of the Clan:

Downsides of the Clan:

Forms or Eye levels of the clan:


Name:Bomb Blazers

Bloodling History:N/A (only i can do that)

Leader of Clan:Reno

Type of clan:Bankut

Weapons of the Clan: the bomb chain, the blazing ember gloves, and the phinoex scrolls

Jutsu of the Clan:N/A

Downsides of the Clan:none (only i can)

Forms or Eye levels of the clan:

Form 1:
Clan Template L_1b68669491650625a6f66ba281b00142
when injured the chakra bursts out into the color of red and when the hands and foot slams into the opponents body thier chakra points exbloade like bombs

FOrm 2:
Clan Template DieBitch
body splits into a doupleganger (evil and good side) but both fight on the same side

FOrm 3:
Clan Template Ashurei
goes insane with power

Form 4:
Clan Template Gilgamesh
goes insane and kills others just to satisfy his/her hunger

Form 5:
Clan Template Anime8-2
turns into a hell demon and can't be stoped
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Clan Template
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