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 Dominic & the Eagle Clan Jutsu

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PostSubject: Dominic & the Eagle Clan Jutsu   Sun Nov 09, 2008 6:32 am



Stage 1: Eyes turn from blue to yellow with no pupil(Eye has no special ability just the sign of transformation). Speed Doubles and first stage of bloodline jutsus can be performed.

Stage 2: Yellow eye develops a pupil(Eye become functional). Talons grow from fingers. Speed triples and all other stats double. Eye is able to constantly have target on opponent BUT cannot predict opponents next attack.

Stage 3: Eyes turn completely black and develop a compass in the middle of the eyes. Speed maxes out.

Bloodline Jutsus

Stage One:

Feather Clone Jutsu-My cloning technique. When it is destroyed feathers are left behind.

Wind Slash-Crescent Shaped wind attack.

Lightning Slash-Crescent Shaped lightning attack.

Hawk Stream Blast-Streamed eagle shaped slash of Chakra from Sword.

Dash-Speed driven attack and basic shoulder tackle.

Stage 2:

Eagle Eye-Description above.

Hurricane Slash-Upgraded form of Wind Slash.

Feather Sword Jutsu-Sword becomes light as a feather giving capability of multiples swings and attacks. Can only use once per fight and only lasts for 20 seconds.

10000 Talons-Spins in the air and 10000 talons made of Chakra are shot in all directions.

Hawk Stream Blast x2-Able to Stream the blast in more than one direction at once.

Dash x2-Stronger than in stage one.

Wind Annihalation Jutsu-Eagle Clans ultimate Jutsu-Extremely dangerous on the hosts body when used. Possibility of death when used. It can be used at one target or to destroy all targets. It is summoned in the air and fired down and fires a 360 degree wind blast followed through by lightning shards!(All targets). Shreds through the body and lightning desenegrates the flesh as it shreds leaving not even a trace of blood behind.(Single target) Destroys enemy without destroying geography around it.

Wind Dance Barrage - It combines Sword Dance Jutsu with my Bloodline ability of Hurricane Slash and Lightning Slash.(Elements of wind and lightning).

Jutsu Type: Ninjutsu/Taijutsu

Drawbacks: Have to be in Stage Two and have Eagle Eye activated. Requires a massive amount of Chakra. Talon Blade must be in sheath and only can be performed with Divine Sword of the Eagle God.

Stage 3:

Eagle Eye Compass-Able to sense an opponent without seeing them. The eye turns black and has four lines pointing North, South, East, and West. They act as sensors to what is moving around me. (Only the leader and his immediate family possess this Stage)

Lightning Sphere - (Genjutsu) The user is trapped into a sphere of lightning and feels like his body is being stabbed into by sharp lightning shards, and putting puncture holes throughout your chakra network. Puts you in extreme pain. When released from this jutsu, your body still bears circular bruises from the genjutsu and makes your chakra points visible to me.

Luminaire - Shaped like a Kii Blast from DBZ. A burst of laser(lightning) based energy is emitted from my hand and shot at the opponent. Can use it in rapid fire also.

Sonic Eagle Roar - An extremely LOUD Eagle roar that stuns the enemy temorarily. (2 seconds for a Kage and 5 seconds for a lower rank.) Can only be used every 7 posts by me not total posts.

Hurricane Annihalation Slash - This is a mix of my Wind Annihalation and Hurricane Slash. Its channelled through my hand and into my sword. It takes 3 posts to charge. It has the same affects as the Wind Annihation(Wind Annihalation doesnt destroy geography) but can destroy landscapes as well. Ultimate Destruction. It also has the drawbacks of the Wind Annihalation and can peel back my skin and damage my body.

Jutsus learned from my former Sensei


Dark Blade Summoning
Backlash Wave
Wind Scar
Sword Dance Jutsu
Razor Sharp Jutsu
Wind Scar Gale
Backlash Strike
Dragon Strike
Wind Shard
Lightning Shard
Advanced Lightning Style
Fire Slash
Advanced Fire Style
Advanced Earth Style
Earth Shield
Earth Armor
Advanced Water Style
Water Shard
Ice Sword
Ice Slash

Scroll Shop:

Chidori Current
Clone Explosion
Crescent Moon Dance
Falcon Drop

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Dominic & the Eagle Clan Jutsu
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